saves money

2-5 times more effective aeration compared to conventional air blower systems

About K & S Waste Water Services

All household water from ALL sources, without any grease trap.  Recycled back to your yard as automatic irrigation.  Clean clear water to above or below ground areas The most successful system of its kind in Australia and New Zealand

Environmentally friendly

Safely recycles all waste water into odour-free clean water.

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Why choose K & S Waste Water Services?

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Saves Water

Treated household waste water is recycled for use on gardens and lawns.

Super-treat Systems


Safely recycles all waste water into odour-free clean water.

Karl Hauschildt is the manager of K & S Waste Water Services, representing "Super-treat" ® Waste Water Treatment Systems, able to commission and service all "Super-treat's" models.

​Most experts agree that "Super-treat" ® is the most successful household aerated wastewater treatment system of it's kind available on the market today.

​We are fully qualified and meet all council requirements.

Karl  has been providing services to the Southern Queensland Region for the last 15 years

· All staff are fully trained and licensed.

· Excellent customer service has been the hallmark of K & S     Wastewater Services - as can be attested by our many           satisfied clients.

· Guaranteed quality workmanship.

· Positive long term contact with councils within the region.